Akilla was formed in early 2017 by frontman Ross Wilson, who intended to create a melodic death metal style influenced by the Scandinavian Gothenburg sound and symphonic soundtracks. After a year of experimenting with various musicians, Jonny Dawson joined the line-up on bass and backing vocals, with Ginger Taylor joining soon after on drums. Completing the current line-up is Carl Harries on Guitar.

Akilla's sound is a combination of heavy riffs with large epic chorus sections and melodies over a backing of soundtrack-inspired pieces. Harsh vocals between Ross and Jonny complete the Death Metal sound, with ambient clean sections providing a tonal contrast to maintain interest throughout the performance. Each song is based on the mythologies of various cultures, including Norse, Greek, Celtic, and Egyptian.

Akilla entered the metal scene in April 2019, performing at various venues around East Anglia including Ipswich, Northampton, London and their hometown of Cambridge. After only a few gigs, Akilla successfully made it through to the final of the Milton Keynes heat of Bloodstock's Metal 2 The Masses 2019. Since then, they have continued to travel around the South of England, taking part in metal festivals such as HopFest, Unearthed Festival, and Ragnarok Festival UK. Since then, they have gone on to feature alongside metal bands such as Countless Skies, Vader, Blood Oath, and Witch Tripper.

Akilla released their first single, Cosmica, in July 2019 with a self-funded music video and production. Their second single and crowd favourite, Echo, was released in early February 2020 and was once again entirely self-funded by the band. Both songs are set to feature on a full-length album currently in production.

Akilla is actively seeking a label to partner with for distribution and support for this debut album.

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